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Custom made Petticoats for Square Dancers & Cloggers, Children's Pageants, Re-enactments, Brides, Costumes & Theatrical Performances, Trendy Fashions, Rock-a-Billy and Pin-Up Gals, Specialty Entertainers and any one that desires the best custom Petticoat available.
Our mission is to create the Perfect Custom Petticoat for you!
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OrgandyCrisp petticoat in Yellow with FancyFluff HemTrim.  Beautifully graceful, very sturdy, lots of life and spring in the Dance


The OrgandyCrisp Petticoats are our best selling stiff petticoats. They come in 3 Styles, The OrgandyCrisp, The RibbonCrisp & The SteelMagnolia. These Beautiful Crisp Petticoats are offered in 22 colors and in 3 fullnesses of two, three or four layers.

The OrgandyCrisp Petticoats are custom made in lengths up to 23 inches with no addit'l charge and have an adjustable waistband. They are available in all of our 7 Sizes.

Call Perfect Petticoat at 407-896-4455 to order your OrgandyCrisp Petticoat today!

OrgandyCrisp Petticoats

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ChiffonSoft Petticoats are our most popular Soft petticoats that are perfect for Square Dancing, Round Dancing and Clogging.  Subtle, flowing and soft


The ChiffonSoft Petticoats are our finest Soft petticoat. They come in 2 Styles... The ChiffonSoft, & the PrairieSoft. The ChiffonSoft and PrairieSoft Petticoats are Subtle, Flowing and very "Dance-able".

These Beautiful Soft Petticoats are offered in our 22 signature colors and in 2 fullness’ of two & three Layers & are available in all of our 7 Sizes.

And Remember...each of our Perfect Petticoats can be custom embroidered with your Name satin stitched in our own beautiful "Perfect Petticoat Style" lettering.

To receive more about our beautiful ChiffonSoft Petticoats please Email us at

ChiffonSoft Petticoats

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Children's Petticoats are named for Kids Desserts for fun, playful, exciting Children's Petticoat flavors

Children's Petticoat Delights

The Children’s Petticoat Delights are truly a Sweet Treat!  They are visually tasty and a delectably Charming.  All of the Children’s Petticoat Delights are designed after a tempting Little Girl’s Dream Dessert. 

Our Little Girl Petticoats are made with the same care and quality fabrics & trims as our adult petticoats. We build the Children's Petticoat Delights with all the same great fabrics and trims as they big folks. Call us to order your little girls pageant or square dance petticoat today!

The Children’s Petticoat Delights come in 6 Flavors…Lime Freeze, Lemon Meringue, Hot Fudge Sundae, Strawberry Short Cake, and Raspberry Parfait & Whipped Cream Delight!

Children's Petticoat Delights

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Bridal Petticoat, Lace Petticoat, Bridal Garments, Bridal wear, Brides Truseau, All Lace, brides maids, Wedding Gown, Lace Slip

Bridal Petticoats

Bridal Petticoats are a specialty for us. We design and create beautiful Lace & Organdy Petticoats completely to your specifications. Whether it's Lace & Ribbon trimmed or all over Lace, our LaceyBride Petticoats have yourWedding Style all over them.

Our LaceyBride Custom made Petticoats are perfect for the Bride who wants every detail of her Bridal Ensemble Perfect, right down to her Petticoat.
Each of the Petticoats can be embroidered with your name on it.

Just call us at 407-896-4455 and tell us what you want and magically it will appear at your door step ...its just that simple!

LaceyBride Petticoats

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Lame' Petticoat, Lame Petticoat from Perfect Petticoat, Metallic, shinny, Glowing, Showey, Beautiful

LaméCrisp Petticoat

The LaméCrisp Petticoat is Fun & Glamorous! The LaméCrisp Petticoat is defiantly one of our attention getting Petticoats.  The last tier of each layer is finished with 6" of Lamé in any of our 9 Signature Lamé colors. The upper Seams are also trimmed with our Lamé Trim. The body of the Petticoat is made of OrgandyCrisp in the same coordinating color.

The LaméCrisp Petticoats are offered in 2 fullness’s... two or three layers. They have an adjustable waistband and are available in all of our 7 Sizes.

TheLaméCrisp Petticoat shown to the left is 23 inches long & has 2 layers. $123.00
A 3 layer LaméCrisp Petticoat that is $138.00

LameCrisp Petticoat

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Our Trendy, Adult, provocative and Sexy Fashion Petticoats are fun, aluring and very playful

Fashion & Trendy

Our Fashion & Trendy Petticoats breath life into the underpinnings of the Rock-A-Billy Fashion Scene and our unique specialty Petticoats give us an inspired look under the surface of the Pin-up Gals.  We carry a creative collection of designs for the wild, trendy & fashion-forward Gal. 

We offer creative Petticoats for the Gal’s who dress for playing on the “Fashionista Edge” & Hotties who like to have fun with Style and Vogue. The fashion that lies out of the main view of others is the hottest!  If you like to please yourself first, you will love our Fashion-Inspired Trendy Petticoats!

Check out our Fashion & Trendy Petticoats for your collection of playful and fun wear. Perfect for Pin-up and Rock-a-Billy gals.

Trendy...Rock-A-Billy-Petti & Pin-Up

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Costume & theatrical petticoats are practical, have a long life and are durable for a long run.  Strong and enduring.

Costume & Theatrical

Our Costume & Theatrical Petticoats are imaginative & full of Theatrical fun. What ever your Costumes needs, we can design and build you the best Petticoat for your act. Forget all the rules and let your creative side run free. We can create any style you can dream up.

Our Theatrical & Costume Petticoats are specially designed and built to withstand the riggers of a performance schedule time and time again! We re-enforce the seams with our special satin ribbon and we just a couple of other theatrical tricks to make your Costume & Theatrical Quality Petticoat the best on the entertainment market.

Just call us at 407-896-4455 and we will deliver you a Costume Petticoat Fantasy!

Costume, Theatrical & Performance

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